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August 28, 2017

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The Balanced Relationships Project

The Balanced Relationships Project In this Project we intend to give participants tools for creating Balanced Relationships, relationships in which all parties experience being Seen, Heard, Mattered, Included, and Empowered. Many of us grew up in families and communities where we experienced dominance by one person over others or one group over others  ...

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Seen, Heard, and Mattered with Frank McClain

12:06 PM, Thursday August 31st, on KVMR Community Radio 89.5 FM / Seen, Heard, and Mattered with Frank McClain “Balanced Relationships” Frank McClain talks with Stephanie Fisher and Alison Bischofberger from Community Beyond Violence about the agency’s new name and the evolution of their initial focus of serving families and individuals dealing  ...

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