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Free Yoga Class for Survivors

Restorative yoga is like a nap, but better…

Many of us have forgotten how to relax deeply, especially if you have been living with stress or trauma for long periods of time. This is a lovely way to help remember that relaxation is essential to living a healthy life. It’s like pressing the reset button in your nervous system, and is key to unlocking held trauma from the body’s memory. Using breath and body awareness, we will gentlyand deeply release tension and build energy in deficient areas of the body. By retaining the body, breath and mind to relax for a prolonged period of time, you will sleep better, react to stress with ease and even communicate better, especially if you practice it regularly.

Classes are being generously donated by Skyler Myers, CAS, PKS, CMT, RYT. She has been on a yogic path for 10 years and currently teaches at Yo’Garage in North San Juan, South Yuba Club and at Common Goals.

Please come join us at DVSAC office- Mondays 3:30pm-4:30pm
Call with questions: (530) 272-2046
960 McCourtney Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949