Court Advocacy and Accompaniment

We offer a variety of legal advocacy services

Legal Services & Restraining Orders

We offer a variety of legal help and assistance.

  • Advocates will help with exploring legal options such as restraining orders and can also provide local legal referrals.

  • Advocates are available to accompany survivors during court and mediation proceedings.

Restraining Orders

Your advocate can discuss your options to help you determine if a restraining order would be beneficial. They will help you with filling out the restraining order paperwork to be submitted to the Court. Your advocate may also be available to accompany you to any hearings or other court proceedings.


CBV expanded legal services!

In 2024, we are launching a new Legal Program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Nevada County. An attorney will be on staff at CBV to be able to offer group clinics to share legal information, legal advice, and legal representation in court for our clients. We are in the initial phases for recruiting the attorney so check back for details!